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Basic problem with my sewer. Help please.
Posted by: garymagno110 (IP Logged)
Date: August 02, 2019 05:01PM

Hi all,

My wife and I just walked across the river (water from the sewer plant), in Sayulita an hour ago. My wife has no info on the past and present issues concerning this sewer plant. She had no comment on smell or clarity of the water. The water was clear, and no odor except normal smell associated with standing water, that accumulates due the berm of the beach. Does that mean the water from the sewer plant is safe to drink?? I don't know, but I'm not going to drink it.

Thousands of cities in the USA, treat there sewer, make it safe, and then put this "safe water" back into a river. Then, downstream, another city takes water out of the same river, treats it, and puts it into their drinking water supply. Check more online writing contents for better understanding.

Hawaii, America's flagship of beauty, cleanliness, and healthy environment, dumps 53 millions gallons of raw sewage into the ground, everyday, on 5 small islands. Yes, the same ground where all the wells, and ground water is. And a lot of this raw waste, make it to the ocean.

But do you ever hear or read about this sewer tragedy?? Which is going on today?

I felt a little off yesterday, not much appetite, didn't feel like drinking alcohol, was I catching the local bug or virus, nope, I was out of Jack Daniels, but quickly remedied that problem.

Thanks for any help.


Re: Basic problem with my sewer. Help please.
Posted by: Awe3423 (IP Logged)
Date: November 01, 2021 10:03AM

That is a common problem with sewer. Might as well buy a new one. []

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