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Aqua-WertMin Installation
Posted by: Roland Krug (IP Logged)
Date: November 14, 2001 04:51PM

Dear Mr. Wrase,

we are not sure, by what detail the error message occured. Maybe it is a language conflict of the german installation-procedure and the english Windows. But there will be another way to install the program, which will cause no problems:

1) Extract (par example by winzip) the WERTMIN5.0.CAB in C:\WertMin5_Installation.tmp in the current directory.

2) Create the folders:
C:\Wertmin5 (if it doesn't exist from former installations)

3) copy the attached files
- wertmincopy.bat
- register.bat
in the directory C:\WertMin5_Installation.tmp

4) start the wertmincopy.bat. It contains:

rem copies the WertMin files in folder wertmin5

copy C:\WertMin5_Installation.tmp\wertmin5.* c:\wertmin5
copy C:\WertMin5_Installation.tmp\*.mdb c:\wertmin5
copy C:\WertMin5_Installation.tmp\*.wf c:\wertmin5
copy C:\WertMin5_Installation.tmp\wertmin.ico c:\wertmin5

rem copies the needed OCX's and probably needed DLL's in folder files

copy C:\WertMin5_Installation.tmp\*.dll c:\wertmin5\files
copy C:\WertMin5_Installation.tmp\*.ocx c:\wertmin5\files
copy C:\WertMin5_Installation.tmp\*.tlb c:\wertmin5\files

5) Now, some files must be make known with the registry by starting the file

It contains:

REM makes the needed OCX-files known at the registry

REM Caution! Please make sure, where the file regsvr32.exe is located at your computer
REM and change the path.
REM Maybe the path is: C:\winnt\system32
REM or: C:\winnt\system

c:\windows\system\regsvr32 c:\wertmin5\files\lizenzmgr.ocx

REM Maybe the other OCX are not yet on your computer, activate the registration
REM by deleting the "REM"

REM c:\windows\system\regsvr32 c:\wertmin5\files\mschrt20.ocx
REM c:\windows\system\regsvr32 c:\wertmin5\files\mscomctl.ocx
REM c:\windows\system\regsvr32 c:\wertmin5\files\comdlg32.ocx
REM c:\windows\system\regsvr32 c:\wertmin5\files\richtx32.ocx

REM If you see, that some of the DLL-files in the folder "files" are not on your computer make them
REM known at the registry in the same way. Caution! If they ARE already on your computer don't
REM make them known. It may be make an type mismatch too.

6) You should try to start WertMin after making known the OCX-file(s). Normally it must be run, when Office2000 is installed. If not, look if some of the DLL's are missing and in case make them known to the registry.

I wish you a successful installation and work with AQUA-WertMin and a good weekend too. Please give me information, if this way of installation is succesful.

Sincerly yours<<<<

Dr.-Ing. R. Krug

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