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Posted by: Roland Krug (IP Logged)
Date: November 14, 2001 04:48PM

Dear Mr. Wrase,

I'm not specialised in this internal computer problems, so I have directed
the problem to an specialist... and I'm still waiting for answer. But for me, the error message "Type mismatch" seems to be, that

a) two different kind of a DLL-file are in use (maybe they are located in two different directorys, which are included in your "Path"-Informationen in the autoexec.bat

b) or a DLL file which is used is located not in the windows\system - directory but in another directory which is the active directory or is
included in your "Path"-Informationen in the autoexec.bat (and so it is maybe not registered in the registry)

I had the same error message in a similar case at win98: At first the msvbvm60.dll file was missing. Did you ever get the message during
Installation, that a DLL-file is missing? I copied it from the (open by double-clicking) to the wertmin5_installation.temp - directory (the active directory, see case b)) and the error-message "type mismatch"
occured. When deleting the DLL from the current directory and copying it in the windows\system directory the installation was done successfully. I don't know, if this is similar to your problem and if it is, the problem can be solved in the same way under WinNt.

Nevertheless I will tell you, if I have more information.

Dr.-Ing. R. Krug

Re: Aqua-wertMin
Posted by: Patrick Wrase (IP Logged)
Date: November 15, 2001 05:16PM

Dear Mr. Krug,

Thank you for your continued attempts to get the Aqua WertMin software
working for us. We have gone through the steps outlined in your latest
email, and today, we were able to start the Wert Min software. However, we
do not start the program by clicking on the short cut icon (wertmin.ico).
It can only be started by double clicking on the wertmin5.mde.

It appears to be working, as I was able to create a new database. I will
populate this database with some Minneapolis Sewer data to test the
software. I will contact you periodically to update you on our progress.

I am very excited to test the Wert Min. I hope that you will increase your
marketing efforts for the product here in the United States. There is a
great need for this type of software at the present time. Your company is
the only one in the world offering a sewer aging and lifecycle costing

Thank you very much for your help with the program.


Patrick Wrase

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